Ladies Room

We are the Ladies

well, ladies room… that is mom and fred at the guitars, fab at the bass guitar, the other fab on drums and arne on the microphone. after our first meeting, mom searched for a room to rehearse in. she found one in the basement of the bückeburger kronenwerke. coincidentally that room appeared to be an old ladies room due to the sign on the door, most likely for former workers, now laying on their cozy sofas or in their cold graves. so we found a room and a name for the band at one blow.

people say home is where the heart is. for ladies room music isn`t a place in fact. it is the style of music. so we mix up several different styles of rock music and diffuse it through the membranes of our amplifiers to created our unique sound.

it’s hard to put in words what you can expect from us, but we`ll try: songs full of love, hate, joy, bitterness, alcohol, barfights and big, big tits – promoted by drums, played so hard as if someone wants to beat a deer to death – underlined by a bass guitar like a rhythmic heartbeat for all those who want to move their stiff bones – framed by a rhythm guitar that transports the sound through all the highs and lows of human existence – carried by a lead guitar that’ll surely rock your socks off – and finally presented by a voice that has nothing left to lose.

and that’s where and who we are: just five kids, not being kids anymore. middle-agers that kept a desire to rock music which enlighted the hearts of a rebellious youth from the mid-50s to the 21st century. we don’t claim being rockstars nor pretend to be. we`re just four ordinary guys and one ordinary girl who love playing music.

so love us, hate us, support us, reject us… whatever, we`ll go down that road anyhow.

Ladies Room ladies room are:
nadine (guitar), arne (vocals), fred (guitar), fab (drums), fab (bass)