Too much alcohol – in just one night
I`m not to blame – I didn`t start the fight
But the words they poured out of my mouth
Next thing I know is that I hurt my crouch

Barfight – Barfight
And I don` t care if I am right
Barfight – Barfight
I don`t care for anything tonight

I jumped on him – spit him in the face
Wish I could – disappear with no trace
Fists and boots and blood and screams
Good buddy nothing is what it seems

Sitting here in this worn out bar knowing exactly that I won`t get far
Nothing left than this old mug of beer and I light a cigarette and I don`t shed a tear

Woke up facedown in the bloody dirt
Got the feeling that I sure am a jerk
There`s no glory awaking face down
On the sea of booze you better not drown