To the Park

When you’re feeling all alone, and there is no one around
all the sadness and the fear and you shed a little tear.
When you feel there’s no way out and you want to scream out loud
get your stuff together, dude, get some friends and start feeling good

There’s something out there you can’t see from inside
There’s no reason to stay in bed, no reason to hide
Get your ass out here and start feeling fine,
life’s to short for complaining, get out and have a good time

Come down to the park and grab your guitar
Sing along with us and you will be a star.
Come down to the park and enjoy the sun
We can asure you, you won’t be alone

When the sun is shining bright, but in here there is no light
when you think about the things like broken bones and broken strings
When you feel you gotta go, cause there’s to much you know
kick all the mud and dirt aside, switch off your brain and go outside.

There’s something out there you can’t feel from inside
It is time now to leave you bed, it’s time to decide,
Get your lazy ass here and shut your goddamn hole,
life’s to short for your whining, get out and be rock n’ roll.